Start a new Category for English


Hey all, this is the very first post in this “English” Category. I hope this topic can help people find/share and help others in English Communication, Writing, or even very small piece of tip, experience that you thing it can be useful for others as it was useful for yourself.

This blog is free, and this category is also like that. Anybody who is willing to help people can register an account on, then inform me to be a contributor of the site. Once you already joined this, you can be able to write post and share what you think it is interesting and helpful, or comment and answer to questions, concerns on the other posts.

Below steps will be necessary as you want to join:

  1. Create an account on This will give you a user name that can be used in this blog same as a forum account.
  2. Comment or like this post, it will be a notification to me.
  3. I will add you to be a contributor for this blog, then you can start to make your own post.

Let’s make this an exciting and cool place for sharing your English.




Add your comments....

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