Fire Chest Apps launches health app

Fire Chest Apps launches health app


Sydney, Australia (March 7th 2015) – Fire Chest Apps today released “Health Pro”, the latest in their lineup of premium apps for BlackBerry 10. Health Pro is a comprehensive health management app suitable for both families and health professionals.

The app allows you to compile and manage medical records using a combination of profiles, charts, journals, and attachments. It also provides auxillary features by way of bookmarks, formulas, and notes. The app was developed in conjunction with an emergency physician. It’s clean UI and intuitive workflow empower users with a beautiful, functional, and relevant mobile experience. Future plans for the app include the integration of third-party telemetry services like Fitbit and Angel Sensor. Health Pro can be purchased from BlackBerry World for $4.99.

About Fire Chest

Apps Fire Chest Apps comprises a small group of software developers based in Sydney Australia. Founded in 2013, Fire Chest Apps pioneered third-party cloud backup on BlackBerry 10 and continues to leverage its expertise and passion to bring quality apps to the BlackBerry 10 platform.

Press Contact
Sasha Kanthan
Fire Chest Apps
125/29 Smith Street
NSW 2150


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