My Security and Privacy Matter!

Why did Nikki choose BlackBerry?..

Hi! I’m Nikki. I’m a married mother of three children, ages 3, 5, 6 and this is why I choose BlackBerry 10…

My BlackBerry Q10 looks and feels good in the palm of my hand, but it also helps me juggle my busy lifestyle as a Stay At Home Mother and Social Media Addict.

I have previously owned phones from: Nokia, Sony, Motorola and yes I am ashamed to admit it….Apple.

My BlackBerry story starts when the husband bought me a white BlackBerry Z10 and then shortly followed by my current device of the BlackBerry Q10 (also in white). So why did I choose BlackBerry?

The browsers are lightning fast (in fact, in tests, faster than desktops) and this matters – especially when I’m in a rush (trust me this is 99.9% of the time with three children under 6!). I can’t hang around. If you haven’t got kids you’ll never appreciate how you can’t wait for a spinning circle, stupid lag or SLOOOWWWW browser!


If I had an Android or iPhone then, frankly, I’d spend half my time swearing at the thing or drop kicking over the fence…I love how I am able to use the share button by simply tapping it when I’m running around to forward on a link via email to a family member or to be able to post to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
I also love the fact these devices are secure, compared to Apple’s iPhones and other phones in the market. Come on if I didn’t care about my security and privacy I’d go out and spend a lot of money and buy an iPhone, along with some court costs for a divorce because I know now that the husband would definitely have grounds to divorce me.

However on a serious note I value my security and privacy compared to being snooped on and that’s why I choose BlackBerry 10.

Does that sound boring? Well, I think a bunch of people who thought that ‘privacy’ and ‘security’ didn’t matter will shortly find out that they did. With results that they not only didn’t for see because it’s ‘just a phone’ when they bought it but in ways they could never imagine.

I’m a mother of three young kids and I love taking lots of photos of them, so protecting myself and my family comes first. And I do that with BlackBerry 10.

So what does 2015 bring for BlackBerry? I’m not sure but I can’t wait to find out. But I can guarantee I’ll do it with a BlackBerry in hand.

My question to you is why did you choose BlackBerry 10?

I would love to hear why you choose BlackBerry, comment below.



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