Press Release – Air Messages ( English version )


Air Messages ©
Marco Gallo 2015

version 0.2.1 BETA

This App uses Air Message™ technologies bring a new idea : geospatial communication messages beetween users!
Air Messages© allows to explore the world like a game, collect real opinions, suggestions and infos about country and places.
Please Consider: Air Message™ technologies are still in preview and the contenutes are unmoderated,
We reject the responsibility on your contents, Please be polite and correct.

PS. Let’s cover the entire world with our Air messages!

Here is a little Q&A info about Air Messages

Q:Did you store personal Information?
A: No, the apps request locations information in anonymus form.

Q: Can I pick other messages?
A: Yes, but you need to be 50km radius close to message.
( the radius will increase in the next release)

Q: What mean [Hidden Message Inside]?
A: If you are close enough, ( about 50km in radius) you can pick the message and read the secret text inside the Air Message

Q: What mean “Throw Message”?
A: You can randomly change the location of the message or throw it far away from you, but you need to be close to it !

#vinaberry – from Marco


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