Air Messages đã được cập nhật

Hello friends!

Here is a little recap on the major changes about Air Messages:

+ User can chat freely in every Air Message.Hub notification will be added soon!
+ You can pick a message and read the hidden message inside if you’re in range of ~100km from it.
+ If you pick a message it will disappear.
+ Q10 users can now use the app fully and scroll messages( finally!)
+ You can throw a message away from you randomly, so they can travel around the world with users helps! If a message is very popular.. something will happen!

+ Added “report” button in every message so user can flag as inappropriate and help our team to remove bad content.

+ You can throw more than 10 awesome unique pins with your message inside.

+ big improvements in map stability and speed

+ “BBM Pin” for easily search for friends around the globe!

+ Air Message Advertise Program:  Business owners can promote their business with their custom pins for a very special price, we have already a lot of requests for the BBworld release, hurry!

+ New message pins will appear with a spark simbol
+ Offensive users can be permanently banned from the app.


App info:
“This App uses Air Message© technologies bring a communication idea : geospatial messages beetween users!

Air Messages© allows to explore the world like a game, collect real opinions, suggestions and infos about country and places.

Please Consider : Air Messages© technologies are still in preview and the contenutes are unmoderated,

We reject the responsability on your contents, Please be polite and correct.

PS.Let’s cover the entire world with our Air messages!





  • app này để làm gì đó add ? hôm trước lượn BBW cũng thấy

    Liked by 1 person

  • App nay giong nhu Foursquare. Cach tuong tac khac nhau thoi.

    Số lượt thích

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